Mary Johnsson on the phone looking at her laptop

Employee Spotlight:
Mary Johnsson

Meet Mary Johnsson, Celtic’s very own media guru. As the director of media…

Hands stuffing envelope, and ruler, pencil, notebook, coffee, phone, and glasses on wooden desk

Four Tips to Increase Your
E-mail Open Rates

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” This age old proverb can be…

Blair Ciecko giving a presentation and holding black folder

Employee Spotlight:
Blair Ciecko

Meet Blair Ciecko. Our Public Relations and Social Media Director as well as…

Samantha Turner drawing graphs on white board with black marker

Employee Spotlight:
Samantha Turner

Meet Samantha Turner. Our Michigander friend is the Digital Platform…

Hand drawing graphs with chalk on a black chalkboard

Game Plan for a
Content Marketing Strategy

While marketers are embracing the importance of regular content updates on…

Man using laptop with arms resting on a wooden table

A Frontier of
Shoppable Content

Interactive or “shoppable” content integrates photography or editorial and…

Hand taking a picture of the sunset on a beach with iPhone

Keep Social
Content Fresh

We’ve all seen it. The website with press releases over a year old or the…