Collaboration is the Key
to the Ideal Work Space

As we settle into our new Celtic home, we are all still working through some of the unknowns following a big move. What light does this switch turn on? Which of these keys opens which drawer? Where are we storing the extra coffee? The one thing we know for sure is that great ideas are going to come to life within these walls. That’s because this new space was designed through collaboration, for collaboration.

A recent study by Gensler, a leading design and architecture firm, found that innovative companies are five times more likely to have work spaces that prioritize both individual and group work space. This was the primary goal when we first started to dream up our new home, using the move as a perfect opportunity to improve the way we collaborate, create and connect. Our president, Marlene, viewed the new space as a blank slate, and wanted to ensure the entire agency had a say in planning the finished product. As we began the design process, each of Celtic’s four divisions met with our interior designer to discuss team needs and wants, and create mood boards to help illustrate each team’s vision. The end result? An innovative, fluid concept, focusing on our three biggest needs; open space, functionality and more areas for collaboration.

We believe the best work comes from teamwork, and with multiple meeting areas, rooms and nooks, the office is built to facilitate multiple brainstorm sessions and impromptu meetings. We can write on the walls, chat on couches and in padded booths, or get competitive in a game-themed “Board Room.” Even the individual offices and work spaces are arranged in larger, more open environments that offer a refreshing change from the more segmented layout of our old space. Plus, we have dedicated offices for clients to occasionally work from, reinforcing that “here for you” mentality.

But as big as we are on teamwork, we know when it’s time to break off and crank out the work. The same Gensler study shows that “on average, 30% to 40% of a person’s day involves solo work,” so it was important to give this component just as much thought. Efforts to minimize noise were carefully considered, allowing each of our secluded meeting spaces to double as private break away areas. Each employee’s personal work space was also customized with seating and standing options depending on that person’s preference of the day.

After huddling with professionals experienced in office design and listening to the wants and needs of every agency employee to design the perfect environment, we arrived at three key components of an office design that would allow our best and most creative selves to emerge:

  1. Wide open spaces – Open, shared work spaces are still popular in modern office design, but have been shown to work best with ample options for privacy.
  2. Come together – Teamwork makes the dream work. Providing employees with enough spaces to collaborate – both planned and on the fly – will lead to better, more creative work.
  3. Sense of purpose – Get the most out of every room in your office. We had this in mind when designing all areas, even the kitchen!