Did You
Hear That?

A great P.O.P. display will draw shoppers from a distance and encourage them to interact with your product. The ease of access to the product influences their engagement, as does where you place products within the display. The sweet spot for visual engagement is 3.5 to 4.5 feet from the floor. The display should focus the attention on your merchandise, allowing the products to speak for themselves. Be bold but brief and let the packaging sell the product with easy-to-read fonts and images.

When designing a display for Starbar’s agricultural insect control line, Celtic incorporated the sound of buzzing flies activated as shoppers passed by. This attention-grabbing element worked to attract customers to the display where the packaging told shoppers why these products are their best choice in fly control. We highlighted benefits and let the brand stand out from the competition.

Having designed a number of these displays for various products and markets, here are three P.O.P. design tips:

  1. If you’re running a special promotion in your marketing, reflect that messaging to reinforce immediate recognition.
  2. Design the P.O.P. so that messaging flows around the display for in-aisle, end caps and side wings. It allows for multi-use of the same design.
  3. Adding sound or motion can enhance the display, but only if they are appropriate for your products. Be careful not to overdo either as it can transform your display from intriguing and fun to annoying and avoided.

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