Employee Spotlight:
Kayla Butscher

Meet Kayla Butscher, our Junior Art Director, sweet tooth and resident Celtic photog. We rely on Kayla for her creative eye and impressive illustrations (and her desk-side candy supply). When she’s not doodling, you can find her eating pad thai at Penny’s Noodle Shop or stocking up on Swedish Fish.

You get 6 words to describe what you do. Hit me
I design and create artsy stuff.

Have you met anyone famous? (Other than Riley, Celtic’s office dog)
I did meet Amanda Bynes when I was about ten at a mall meet & greet. It was a big day for all involved.

We all do it… what are you binge watching right now?
I love Rick and Morty, it never gets old.
To see how Kayla translates her passion for animation into her role at Celtic, check out this recent educational video for our client’s Bug Free Grains product lineup.

What was the worst vacation you’ve been on?
I once went to Florida when I was really little. My dad was trying to help me get over my fear of the water, he thought a good way to do this was by throwing me in the ocean. It didn’t help.

Would you rather communicate only with an Etch-a-Sketch or Lite Brite?
I love Lite Brites. Plus, I think I would accidentally shake the Etch-a-Sketch and lose all of my hard work.

What’s your favorite part of your everyday workload?
I love that each day is a little different. I can leave work having 5 new projects and actually be excited to get started on them. One of my favorite projects so far was working on the S.L.A.P. mosquito awareness campaign. I was given a lot of creative freedom with it and was able to make some awesome infographics that became a focal point of the campaign. (They are pretty awesome… check them out here.)

Okay, you’re an amazing illustrator. What can you NOT draw?
I am not an interior design kid. I hate drawing buildings and getting the perspective right. I LOVE drawing people and portraits instead.

If you were a crayon, which color would you be?
Atomic Tangerine. (Yes, we looked it up and yes, it is a real color)

Time to learn more about Kayla with our “Lightning Round”

Biggest pet peeve?
Slow walkers

Trick or Treat?

Pen or pencil?

Word association, GO!
Fall: Leaves Chocolate: Vanilla Monday: Garfield

Thanks to Kayla for playing! To see more of our friendly faces and learn about the Celts that make this place go, check back each month.