Employee Spotlight:
Samantha Turner

Meet Samantha Turner. Our Michigander friend is the Digital Platform Specialist, and she recently blew out two candles on her Celtic cake. We rely on Sam for all things digital strategy, from wire-framing and user experience to user flow, Sam does it all. With a HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification and a Sitecore XP 8 Experience Marketing Fundamentals Certification, this girl knows her stuff. When she’s not behind her computer, you can find her planning her upcoming wedding, binge watching Netflix or grabbing tapas at Café Ba-Ba-Reeba.

Okay Sam, how would you describe your job to a 6-year-old kid?
I work behind the scenes to make sure all parts of a website work together seamlessly and look cool.

Did you dream you’d be a Digital Platform Specialist growing up?
No, I wanted to be a Rockette…could still happen.

What makes your friends jealous of your job at Celtic?
Giving back while having fun with our Celtic Cares program. Employees nominate causes close to them, and last month we voted on my suggested charity, Random Acts of Flowers. A group of Celts spent a recent afternoon with the group, creating arrangements of “recycled” flowers for patients in local healthcare facilities. Flowers, friends and giving back, it was a success. (See photos from the event).

We all have one… weirdest summer job, and valuable skill you gained?
I found a Craigslist posting from a 21-year-old who inherited a petting zoo from her family and needed help. We traveled all over, booking and working kids’ parties and events. The smell was horrible, but it was great experience to see something all the way through from planning to execution.

Time to learn a little bit more about Sam with our “Lightning Round.”

Best vacation?
Europe for a month. I was able to go to about 20 different countries. (No Big Deal…)

Dogs or cats?
Cats, obvi. Shout out to my cat, Arya! (Fun fact- “Arya” means “Lion” in Assyrian)

Beer or wine?

Word association, GO!
Cubs: Fine. Timesheets: Death. TV: Bravo. Hate: Birds.

Thanks to Sam for playing! To see more of our friendly faces and learn about the Celts that make this place go, check back each month.