Employees Are the
Living Brand

It’s the employees, especially those who face your customers, who serve your brand. No logo or color or tagline can replace true branding – the reality of how the brand delivers is in the interaction with the customer. Employees flourish in organizations where the brand creates meaning and has a culture they can identify with.

According to a Gallup poll, only 27% of employees believe their companies deliver on brand promises. Most companies come up empty on this front because they overlook the single most important component of the promise – their people. Employees are your living brand. And as great ambassadors, companies need to devote time and energy to training and education so that they reflect the brand’s core values.

Central Life Sciences provides ongoing training to employees and incorporates their brand mission and core promises. Their “Science That Matters” tagline has meaning and relevance in the field and with their sales team.

Three ideas for brand training:

  1. Create a unique statement of what the company offers, what separates it from its rivals and what makes it worthy of customers’ consideration.
  2. Audit your brand promises and focus solely on those your employees can consistently deliver.
  3. Make sure your employees understand how to articulate the brand promises to every customer.