Get in the Face
of Your Customers

Today, online research seems like an easy, cost-effective way to collect data. But if your questions are about “how do consumers decide in-aisle?” your research must be face-to-face. Successful in-store design must entice customers to reach out and buy. It’s vital to understand how the product looks on the shelf to them, with similar lighting and distraction.

Celtic was creating new packaging for a bed-bug-control product called PreStrike, so we conducted research inside high-end hardware stores. To understand the motivations of consumers in need of pest control, we waited in the aisle and asked for feedback as they purchased. We learned that consumers were confused about which products controlled different insects. They wanted clear instructions about application and safety information. Price was the least of their concerns.

The PreStrike packaging met their needs to match bug to product with large photos, and it provided necessary information quickly to enhance DIY confidence and drive purchases. The in-store research proved vital in presenting the new line and selling the products to the retail buyer.

Research Dos:

  1. Complete a detailed audience profile BEFORE commencing research – by knowing your target audience you can better determine how to gain insight from them.
  2. Choose locations where you will meet your audience. If you decide to assemble focus groups, emphasize to the recruiter the importance of meeting detailed criteria to ensure the respondents are an exact match to your desired audience.
  3. Be there – have the marketing and creative teams at the focus group. Watching facial expressions and conduct provides as much information as the report. Don’t be afraid to add new questions (even from behind the glass) as the discussion grows.