Tailoring Your Brand Experience
to the Customer

Technology is spoiling us. Our smartphones show us only our preferred apps, delivering us our preferred news and entertainment. The DVR and growth of streaming services like Netflix ensure that we always have our choice of handpicked programming to watch. While this has made for a great experience for all of us as consumers, it has created some new challenges to marketers.

Your audience members are growing accustomed to having the choice of content they want to view and interact with, and this is extending to marketing communications. If you stand any chance of cutting through the clutter and overstuffed inboxes, it may be time to consider an inbound marketing campaign built on a custom tailored user experience.

With the assistance of marketing automation software, such as HubSpot, marketers can develop custom profiles based on key demographic information including age, job level, past purchases, income and location. This information can then be used to segment an audience and deliver content that speaks specifically to that given group, ensuring a more engaged experience with the potential customer.

The following are key characteristics of a custom tailored user experience:

  • Start strong: Address a concern and use actionable language, starting from the subject line.
  • Get personal: Something as simple as including the recipient’s name and information about his/her local region can greatly increase click-through rates.
  • Stay consistent: Reflect the brand in every communication, allowing quick recognition for the user.
  • Define value: Immediately address what the offer is, and why it is valuable to your audience.
  • Request action: Create a single conversion goal (a download, a form, etc.) and clearly display it.