Cross Sell or Upsell: Get Them While They’re Hot

The perfect time to sell you a pair of socks is right after you purchase shoes. The obvious reason is that your mind is focused on your feet. 

In the digital environment, offers like free shipping on orders over $100 or “you might also like” suggestions help to drive the buyer to increased purchases.  Face-to-face sales can be enhanced with packaging programs or “samples” to engage consumers in additional sales.


Game Plan for Success with a Content Marketing Strategy

While marketers are embracing the importance of regular content updates on their websites, not all are doing so with a defined strategy. According to the 2016 Content Marketing Report, 76% of marketers are creating more content than they were one year ago, but only 32% have a documented strategy in place.

It is essential that companies have a “game plan” in place built around purposeful content. The content should match marketing strategy and current events, maintaining relevancy for the user.


Is Your Digital Footprint a Size 16?

Companies are investing substantial time and money into digital assets, seeking streamlined processes for content management. Everything from “How many URLs do we own?” to “Do we have suitable in-house resources to manage site updates?” are questions that sometimes reveal surprising answers.  


Creating a self-discovery experience for complex products

Selling a complex product begins with educating your target audience. Once armed with a baseline knowledge, they can feel confident enough to ask the meaningful questions needed to arrive at a decision.


Why you shouldn't skip wireframes

A wireframe serves as the foundation of your website, no matter the size. Because design can be distracting, wireframes strip out any element of typography, imagery or style flourishes, focusing solely on the functionality of the site.  Often compared to the blueprint of a house, wireframes lay the framework for the site and highlight usability features. So why are these black and white lines with grey boxes so important?


Take time to celebrate your successes with those that made them happen

As we enter the holiday season, our minds, to-do lists and calendars can become very cluttered, very quickly. The race is on to accomplish as much as possible, both professionally and personally, in those three short weeks between Thanksgiving and the start of holiday vacations. Even with everything on our plates in the lead up to 2016, we shouldn’t forget to take time out to reflect on the year.