Solid Marketing Strategies Optimize Distribution Channel Success

Many business-to-business organizations rely either wholly or in part on a distribution sales model, and the delicate balance of effectively marketing to both the end customer and distributor requires a thoughtful approach nuanced for each audience. A sales team’s front-line engagement with end customers is where the rubber hits the road but in a multi-tiered sales model where success depends on distributor buy-in, controlling the marketplace messages in all vehicles is key to long-term growth.


Planning Sucks: 3 Ideas to Set it on Fire

Annual planning can be daunting. You sit with your management team and outline the strategic direction for the company. You prioritize. You rationalize. You try to cover all your bases. But the reality is planning isn’t something that happens once a year. Planning is a persistent, ongoing activity. An organizational mentality.

Because of that, you need to establish your road map early and continually react to what the universe is telling you.


Tag You’re Not It

In the age of digital and mobile content publishing it’s a fight to the front of the line to ensure that your company’s content is seen and stands out among the rest. So what can give your content the edge it needs to be in the forefront of web searches? Tags.


SOCIAL: Is There a Policy on That?

The potential exposure of social media is not something any company can ignore. Just ask Domino’s Pizza or Chrysler. The rogue employee can change the future with one quick “send.” Yet 67% of companies say they do not have a social media policy.

Celtic creates social policies using three key components:


Why are Creatives like Five Year Olds?

Take a long car ride with a 5 year old, You’ll hear a lot of “but WHY?” Although frustrating at the time, think about the value of that particular question. In the agency world CREATIVES are the five year olds (and not for the reasons some of you may be thinking right now!).

Creatives are always asking “why?” The client wants a website. “Why?” We’re briefing on a direct mail project “Why direct mail?” Use this particular image on the piece. “Why THAT image?” It’s just that creatives have an insatiable thirst for clarity, knowledge and information.


Business Thought: Branding the Brave

“Committed to quality service” isn’t a brand. It is what you have to do to stay in business. Lots of companies make a feeble attempt at branding. They use common language without putting any teeth into the promise.

Real branding is bold. Compare how you feel when you hear “great customer service” to “when it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.” Which one would you rather stand up and shout?