Even Cutting Edge Chemistry Products
Benefit from Traditional Marketing

The chemistry industry is ever evolving. New products, technologies, and precedents mean a constant increase in expectations. The same goes for how these groundbreaking technologies are marketed. It is easy to get caught up in digital based marketing. Our lives may revolve around screens, e-blasts, and online metrics, but there is still room for old school marketing tactics.
Last year, Celtic Chicago collaborated with Central Life Sciences to develop a sample kit for its Fourstar® and Altosid® mosquito control products. Celtic listened to the needs of both sales reps and distribution partners when developing the hands-on kits. The sales team requested a durable design that would outlast the wear and tear of their traveling sales pitches. Distributors explained that customers wanted to see and inspect the products before purchasing.
The result is a sturdy branded kit that encompasses a variety of Fourstar® and Altosid® products with fast facts and sample jars. Here are three benefits of why taking an old school, hands-on approach like this is still relevant.

  1. It’s Memorable: A tangible piece of marketing material imprints itself differently than digital content. Potential customers are more likely to remember a product they physically receive, touch and experience versus an email that might end up a junk folder.
  2. It Empowers: Sample kits supply the sales team and distributors with meaningful materials to present their clients. Empowering sales teams with credible, concrete marketing directive results in a well-informed consumer.
  3. It’s Different: Potential customers still want to be able to get a sense of products before they make a purchase. This way they can see and feel the products in person. Are the granule pellets uniform? Could it fit down a storage drain? A sample kit answers questions with the senses, not just words on a page.

We live in a digital age, and marketers must continue to deliver messages accordingly. While digital tactics will continue to play a critical role in an effective marketing mix, don’t forget about more traditional efforts and the impact they can still make.