Kelly Carver

Manager, Media Services

Kelly has been growing with Celtic for the last five years. In that time she has learned the intricacies of media services from the ground up. Starting with resizing ads to writing insertion orders, Kelly has built strong relationships with our media partners and is looking forward to forging new ones.


Q. How does your career migrate to your personal life?
The organization that is essential for a media manager really translates to keeping things together at home. I have a spreadsheet for both.

Q. Is media buying all about finance?
No. It is about value. A big spend can come with a lot of bells and whistles if negotiated correctly.

Q. How does media planning interact with content?
I pride myself on knowing the concepts for all our campaigns while buying space. That way if there is a special issue coming I can get out ahead of it and help develop an ad that will fit.

Q. How do you work to break through the clutter?
I think it’s how you define clutter. I know my client. I know their audience. The rest is just staying vigilant so I don’t miss an opportunity.

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