Blair Ciecko

Director, Branding

Creating strong brands involves so much more than pretty pictures and catchy taglines. A brand is a promise, a differentiator and a customer connector. Each company is unique and each brand has to be created with deliberation and insight.

In partnering with clients, Blair and her team employ authenticity in brand messaging, boldness in trying new things, and creativity and discipline to ensure brand alignment through thick and thin.

Blair is also Celtic’s Manufacturing team leader. See our Manufacturing work HERE.


Q. Why is the right branding strategy so important to companies?
A. A company’s brand sets the stage for everything that comes next: customer communications, employee satisfaction and new business success. Create your story and own it, people will take notice.

Q. How important is employee buy-in for a company’s brand?
A. Employees are the strongest brand ambassadors for a company’s image! Get them involved in the creative brand process, get their insights about who you are and listen to their feedback. Engaged employees are more productive and more passionate about helping the company grow.

Q. How do you integrate a company’s brand into different marketing channels?
A. I can’t stress enough how a consistent brand identity should blanket communication channels a company uses: website, public relations, advertising, events, video. Sure, you can create unique campaigns to reach certain sales goals, but the recipient should still know it’s coming from your company. Stay vested!

Q. Can people be brands?
A. YES! In branding exercises, just to get the creative juices flowing, I’ll often ask attendees to play the “6 word memoir” game to define their personal brand. It’s a fun way to kick off sessions. My six word memoir is, “Inspiration can be found all over.”

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