Bob Brunk

Director, Project Management

Bob oversees resources at the agency, planning, budgeting and documenting all aspects of in-house projects. He works to ensure the scope and direction of each project is on track and on schedule, and provides ongoing communication to the client team.

Bob is also collaborating within the agency to strengthen the agency best-practices approach to project management and project workflow.

Headshot of Bob Brunk, Celtic's Senior Project Manager


Q. How does your job fit in the organization structure?
A. I’m the hub between our client relationship group and our creative, digital and strategic teams, ensuring that projects are properly scoped, resourced and scheduled. If I do those things well, everyone else can focus even more on the project as well as the client.

Q. Do you ever take risks?
A. In college I photographed people bungie jumping off a hot air balloon for a magazine feature article. They offered me a free jump and I accepted…and it was awesome!

Q. How do you know if a project was successful?
A. A truly successful project is delivered on time, on budget and in scope. That said, none of that matters if the client is not happy with the results. Happy client equals success.

Q. Why do you have an ice ax hanging in your family room?
A. I climbed Mount Rainier in Washington and Mt. Shasta in California between 2005 and 2007. My trusty ice ax, lovingly named Butkus, was literally by my side for both successful summits.

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