Brook Schuler

Associate Director, Media Services

Brook Schuler has over 20 years of media experience in a variety of industries including agriculture, consumer packaged goods, entertainment, finance/insurance, telecom and travel, Brook understands how to create and manage cross-channel campaigns that connect with audiences.


Q. How does your career migrate to your personal life?
It may be my career migrating to my personal life or the other way around, but I’m constantly evaluating and analyzing available choices, looking for what is next, and for ways to improve.

Q. Is media buying all about finance?
Media planning and buying is certainly fiscally driven, as we always want to maximize the return on the budget available. However, Media requires a blend of analytical and creative thinking to effectively and efficiently reach and connect with the target audience to drive results.

Q. How does media planning interact with content?
Media is more effective when it can be tailored to the content that the target audience is searching and consuming. Providing valuable messaging (or service) that is relevant to their current mindset is the sweet spot.

Q. How do you work to break through the clutter?
Almost everyone consumes mass amounts of content every day, which means that people know how to filter out messaging that isn’t useful to them. I’m always working to understand what is most important to each specific audience segment in relation to every client, so that the media is of value to them, and not seen as clutter.

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