Jeremy Hogan

Vice President of Engagement

Jeremy leads the content and messaging teams, manages video motion production and oversees media. His leadership ensures consistent tone and personality across all communication channels, delivering campaigns that create an impact for clients and their brands. Jeremy works with his teams to drive engagement every step of the way from ideation, creation, scheduling and monitoring with strategic oversight of channel value.

Jeremy is also Celtic’s Chemistry team leader. See our Chemistry work HERE.


Q: “Content Marketing” is a growing buzzword within the industry, but how do you define what is “content?”
A: It seems like the better question right now is “what isn’t content?” Whether it’s a tweet, infographic, blog post or tutorial video, it contributes to your brand’s story and helps connect you to your audience.

Q: Do you personally follow any brands on social media?
A: I do! At least the ones that can inform or entertain me while promoting themselves. If I’m already following, I don’t need to be repeatedly sold.

Q: What did you want to be when you were a kid?
A: I dreamt of being a sports reporter, knowing I wasn’t going to make a living on the field. I’ve taken a different path, but my favorite part of the job still boils down to finding the story and how to tell it.

Q: What is the biggest difference between how you use social media personally and professionally?
A: My personal accounts are just a mix of Cubs or Packers musings amid a steady stream of pictures of my two boys. There’s no rhyme or reason. For client accounts, every little post has to start with strategy and purpose.

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