Mary Johnsson

Director, Media Services

Drawing on 25+ years of experience, Mary creates tailor-made media plans, researching traditional and alternative media options to find the best mix for reaching client goals.

Working with international, national and local clients spanning many industries, she has devoted her career to building relationships with media partners and negotiating exceptional value for all media buys.


Q. How does your career migrate to your personal life?
A. I always love a good bargain. It stems from media buying because I negotiate all day. It’s in my DNA and I guess I have passed it on to my kids. My son just negotiated $20 off his new hockey equipment by bartering at the store.

Q. Is media buying all about finance?
A. No. Anyone can get an ad rate. I think the strongest media programs include valuable add-ons. I am always negotiating unique media extras. I want to be the best advocate for extending my clients’ reach.

Q. How does media planning interact with content?
A. By matching the topics in the media placement to social content, we leverage individual conversations that supplement the ad campaign. It helps connect our message to topics trending in the marketplace.

Q. How do you work to break through the clutter?
A. Research is my inspiration. It’s how I understand the target audience and their interactions with the media. As individuals, we all have more stimuli than ever. Multi-media campaigns create an opportunity to see, hear and remember a message.

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