Monica Zachacki

Director, Accounting & Human Resources

Monica is responsible for managing all financial activities including budget tracking, accounting and payroll. She also oversees human resources functions for Celtic Chicago.


Q. What is your lucky number?
A. My favorite number is five because I have five members in my family. But I like all numbers – especially the ones with dollar signs in front of them.

Q. How is finance different in an ad agency?
A. Every client’s financial process is unique. I work with the accounting people behind the scenes and sometimes we never have the opportunity to meet in person. Communication is key to keeping the process seamless and convenient. Clients can be confident that our accounting team will get it right.

Q. What is one thing you love about Celtic?
A. My team isn’t in on the day-to-day creative process. I love Celtic’s monthly get-togethers so we can see the work that is connected to projects. It’s our chance to peek over the shoulder of the agency.

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