We take "work hard, play hard" seriously.

We’re an open space for collaboration, critical thinking, and unleashing creativity. Sit in on a meeting and you’ll notice a lot of passionate people with big ideas. Stop by the kitchen and you’ll hear a group of Celts bonding over a shared love of the Cubs (or a shared dislike of the Sox, sorry). Swing by on the second Wednesday of the month and you might just be able to grab a massage. All of this culminates to create a welcoming, open, highly driven work environment. Which, if we do say so ourselves, has some pretty clear results.

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Interested in joining our team?

If you interested in working with us, there are definitely some things you should know. First, we take St. Patrick’s day pretty seriously (we even take a half day off).

Other than this there are tons of benefits to becoming a celt: an easy commute, great monthly events, massage day, a creative modern office, full stocked snack box, and plenty of opportunity to grow within your field. Check out our current open positions below!

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