Pets: More Than Just Furry
Companions for Marketers

There are more than 393 million pets in America, and pet owners are spending more than ever on them. Pets are part of the family and luxury spending has increased almost 7 percent for things like training, walking and other services. Purchases by pet owners to keep their fur-kids happy and healthy are carefully considered, and marketing campaigns need to connect a brand story to create connection.

Danielle Vitogiannes, Pet Team Leader

Celtic’s Pet team identifies critical touchpoints, culled from a rich knowledge of pet owner behavior, to help pet product manufacturers define their brand relevance and create successful sales strategies. For some it’s increasing vet recommendations, while for others, it’s rebranding to focus on one specific aspect of pet health.

Marketing to pet owners is an emotional sell, and in a crowded industry, getting into their minds is critical to success. Through consistent brand campaigns, the messages can be delivered in an integrated program from online, social media and marketing campaigns with a goal of engagement and pet product adoption.