When Three Becomes One

For large food processing companies, marketing efforts have to appeal to a variety of audiences. When three of the nation’s largest flour milling operations merged to form Ardent Mills, Celtic helped the newly merged company balance its digital messaging to both maintain current customers and generate growth with new audiences. Ardent Mills became an unparalleled resource, but still maintained the familiarity and trust established by each mill at the local level.

Showcasing Authenticity

Equipped with a great story to tell, our digital strategy was to align the culture with Ardent Mills’ sophisticated operation. Extensive user persona research helped define the needs of eight varied audiences. We traveled to multiple plants to tour and capture the character of the organization both visually and through unique stories featuring employees. The campaign spoke with the voice of real Ardent Mills customers and growers. We established a foundational website strategy that would expand to six Ardent Mills divisions and brands.


Customer journey map
User personas
Plant interviews & photo shoot
Site structure & wireframes
UX strategy & design
Website launch

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