Taking Customers on a Journey

Athene, a leading retirement services company that issues, reinsures and acquires retirement savings products, needed to generate greater understanding of Benefit 10, a fixed indexed annuity. To launch the new product, Celtic created a campaign that featured information synonymous with key life event triggers. Entitled “Retirement is More than a Straight Line,” protection benefits were featured along a continuum of major age milestones.

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Building Agent Relationships

To help brokers detail the unique product features with potential clients, “Sam’s Journey” was created to support a seamless conversation. An educational website delivers product information using Sam’s Journey, a relatable, creative theme. The concept is to educate consumers about Benefit 10 features using Sam to represent the “typical customer” and the key moments where insurance smooths the path.

The campaign also connects age appropriate consumers with information to define product differentiators leading to understanding and adoption. Materials were created to support a conversational path leading customers through the Benefit 10 features.

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