Adhering End Users to Innovation

To secure their leadership position, Celtic helped Avery Dennison introduce TrafficJet – a revolutionary digital sign-printing system – to the global marketplace. Research proved the industry wanted to control inventory costs and print-on-demand to meet their traffic sign needs around the world. Through a series of whitepapers, e-communication, print ads, industry publication articles and videos, the message to private and municipal sign fabricators proved successful in changing the way traffic signs are printed and entrenched Avery Dennison in the future of sign production worldwide. Avery Dennison has met worldwide sales goals every year since product launch and sold over 400 printers in 40 countries around the world.

Holding Tough

Avery Dennison’s conspicuity tape is second to none for its tough, scratch resistant properties and superior reflective quality. Together with Avery Dennison, we increased product trials and generated revenue growth by telling a unique story. Samples were sent to encourage buyers to get the tape wet, scratch it, even take a hammer to it. Providing the sales team with this personalized approach, we drove meaningful conversation by highlighting how technology makes it the most durable choice.


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