Real Damage Tells the Story

For stored grain operators, having grains rejected is an economic nightmare. Frequently, they don’t understand it’s a result of pesky stored grain insects. These bugs cause lost profits of up to $2.5 billion a year for the industry. To showcase the visceral difference between good grain and infested grain, Celtic created the “This Is Your Grain. This Is Your Grain on Bugs” campaign for Bug Free Grains. The campaign showed side-by-side the very real and damaging effects insects cause on stored grain to illustrate why treatment is key to protecting profits.

Expanding the Reach

Celtic worked with the Bug Free Grains sales team to further educate and instruct the end-user. Sales team videos were created to extend conversations into a new website, social media, customer meetings, and e-mail. The Bug Free Grains brand became the first in the industry to illustrate the problem and solution head-on. This positioned the brand as a thought leader in the industry and helped it become the product of choice for some of the largest wheat, corn, barley, and rice producers in the country.


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