Redefining Brand Connectivity

A wide variety of industries utilize products manufactured by Central Life Sciences. Its active ingredients control insects with brands in markets from cattle to grain and pet to professional pest control. To bring greater clarity to the organization, Celtic partnered with Central Life Sciences to redefine its brand positioning and tone. The goal was to establish a mood that showcased a diverse brand portfolio and present a holistic view to bridge cross-market understanding.

Digital for a Diverse Audience

To support a comprehensive digital experience, visitors could filter by brand, active ingredient, and market. This custom online environment allowed prospects to understand brand depth and impact. The commitment of Central Life Sciences was delivered with a corporate video, illustrating the impact of the science behind developing products with unique active ingredients. A content strategy was established to promote news and resources from each of the brands in dedicated home-page callouts. The site has achieved over 40,000 visits and over 13,000 external links since launch, becoming an important driver to brand site traffic.


Brand essence
Content strategy
Mood board/creative
Brand standards and templates
Web strategy & wireframe
Web design

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