Simplifying a Complex Product

It’s critical that agricultural customers understand how a product benefits their operation, otherwise they won’t purchase. ClariFly Larvicide came to Celtic because it was struggling to connect to the dairy, swine, equine, and feedlot markets. After touring dairy and swine facilities and interviewing researchers at the University of Georgia and Iowa State University, Celtic landed on a simple idea that would ring true with all markets: “The Fly Stops Here.”

Going Deep

Celtic created a bold, dramatic campaign that explained how the active ingredient in ClariFly Larvicide stops the fly life cycle, ending fly populations. This easy-to-understand idea was tailored for each market to showcase how stopping flies would help curb the spread of applicable diseases to each market. Meaningful education materials were implemented across the industry to help ClariFly Larvicide become the undisputed leader in feed-through fly control.


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