Connecting Online

Product credibility is one of the biggest barriers to consumer purchase in the pet behavior market. Comfort Zone, makers of pheromone-based products, wanted to bolster Amazon sales and drive retail traffic. Celtic crafted a digital strategy to introduce the product line and create a story that would educate pet parents, compelling them to buy.

Seeking Wellness

Thoughtful planning employed user testing to delve into what piqued consumer interest. From there, a customer journey map and user personas defined an efficient path to product adoption. We created a stunning, SEO-rich site that tells the complete story of pheromones. From research to customer reviews, a plethora of well-presented information attracts pet owners. The average site session is up 112%, pages per session are up 34% and bounce rate is down 16%.


User testing
Customer journey map
User personas
Site structure & wireframes
UX strategy & design
Website launch

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