Arming the Flexco Sales Force

With sales teams spread globally and new staff expansion, manufacturing companies rely on training to help enhance product understanding and revenue growth. Celtic partnered with Flexco, the worldwide leader in conveyor belt lacing and maintenance, to create a digital portal that would deliver real-time information and
best practices for its diverse sales force.

Connecting Sales Speak Around the Globe

Celtic conducted interviews with Flexco’s leadership and members of the sales team from around the world to uncover opportunities to sell in a unified way. The new Sales Playbook Microsite offered the sales team a single source for information including immersive educational resources, sales training, product videos, and brand standards to get the sales team speaking in a unified voice. Flexco’s offerings to end-use customers made the sell clear and concise. The microsite is now an integral tool for the sales force and for onboarding new sales members to the Flexco team.


Sales playbook microsite
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100 year anniversary book

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