Making Uptime Meaningful

Belt conveyors play a critical role in ensuring uptime and productivity. For over 100 years, Flexco has been the leader in the heavy-duty conveyor industry. To lift sales as Flexco expanded into the food production industry, Celtic identified key pain points and then in turn, featured Flexco's unique solutions. The campaign aligned the mood to the audience personas and targeted plant operators to drive maximum ROI.

The Lifeline of Productivity

Convincing an audience to break from its familiar methods and tools required a clear illustration of the product benefits. We developed the "Maximize Belt Uptime” campaign that highlighted time savings to the minute. For Flexco’s FGP pre-cleaner, talking points stressed the ability to save up to 60% scrap loss with the industry’s only USDA-certified product – a clear advantage over the DIY solutions used in most operations. Our thought-leadership strategy also included education regarding splicing systems which helped the Flexco message break through and garner more brand awareness.


Trade show experience
White papers
Sales collateral
E-blast and landing page series
Print and digital ads
Competitive research

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