Labeling the Brand

With the knowledge that inventory management is a big hurdle for warehouses and factories of all sizes, Celtic helped expand the customer base of ID Label, a barcode and indexing solution specialist. Celtic conducted a brand essence workshop to define a clear message of differentiation that would appeal to a diverse marketplace.

Creating an Identity in a Crowded Space

Before getting into colors and fonts, a foundation for the brand as a whole was established by interviewing internal staff and customers. We took the time to understand the journey a typical customer would take. Along with ID Label’s internal team, we created user personas – a starting point for materials. A multi-faceted, customer-focused campaign rolled out the new brand positioning, featuring ID Label as a flexible service provider no matter the problem or industry. Through this evolution, ID Label has differentiated itself in a crowded industry, enabling them to compete with larger players in the market.


Brand essence
User personas
Marketing plan
Print ads
Sample kit

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