Refreshing a Trusted Brand

An obstacle for long-standing products in the pet industry is remaining fresh and relevant. To regain shelf space and ignite product consideration among a new generation of veterinarians and consumers, Celtic rebranded VetKem, a 30-year-old flea premise product for dogs and cats. Driven by focus group and veterinarian feedback, new packaging with a distinct color-coding system was created to assist clinic staff in easily distinguishing application use.

Selling Through the Vet

As the industry shifted to oral flea and tick control, Celtic uncovered a unique opportunity to drive sales of Vet-Kem's premise flea control products. The “hitchhiker” campaign reminded vets about the dangers of fleas and ticks reaching the family even when the pet was protected. An educational video for clinics explained potential revenue growth from selling the products, while the consumer campaign explained the dangers to pet owners. VetKem’s new brand made its way onto more clinic shelves and was able to establish incremental sales to deliver ROI.


Brand essence & creative
Logo ideation & testing
New packaging
Trade show
Ad campaign & clinic materials

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