Traditional Advertising Meets Digital, Falls in Love

Celtic marries a sense of history with a sense of adventure, leveraging our collective wisdom to amplify the power of today's tools. We delve passionately into marketing strategy to build brands for B2B, B2C and nonprofits. Spot-on creative is our heart and soul.

Strategy & Planning

Athene Insurance

Celtic was tasked with helping insurance agents sell a complex, yet robust annuity product. In telling the story of "Sam," we personified the product, showing how the twists and turns of his life impact the benefits—making the product easier to understand.

Brand Development


A series of targeted acquisitions provided an opportunity for Celtic to help Zoëcon take a fresh look at brand strategy. New messaging and new, graphically-defined product categories helped communicate a more comprehensive solution to pest control operators.

Media Planning

Avery Dennison

Supporting sales of this affordable digital printing system for traffic signs—poised to revolutionize the way private and government sign fabricators work—Celtic executed a global media and marketing plan.



Letting the problem cleverly speak for itself, Celtic gave kernels of grain a starring role for the "Talking Grains" campaign. This integrated marketing effort included a bug identification app for grain storage operators as part of an integrated pest management solution.

Campaign Management


Introducing a line of industrial products into a previously untapped market can be tricky business. Celtic worked closely with Flexco, a manufacturer of innovative tools for conveyor belt maintenance, to establish brand equity in the food processing space.

Performance Analytics

Lofthouse Cookies

For the Lofthouse cookie brand, data demonstrated the success of our promotional campaign, including an Evite campaign click-through rate more than double the industry average.

Research & Analysis

When clients want help gathering industry intelligence and audience insights, Celtic has the expertise to capture information that's relevant and properly analyze data to uncover key differentiators.