What Has Your Content Done for
Your Manufacturing Operation?

Is your operation part of the 82 percent of manufacturing marketers that has attributed sales growth to increased content creation this year? If so, keep embracing it. If not, it’s time to get on the content bandwagon to move your company forward.

Blair Ciecko, Manufacturing Team Leader

Manufacturing companies can lag behind when it comes to creating dynamic content that tells a story, offers up a distinct value proposition and uses a variety of mediums to spread the word.
Celtic’s Manufacturing team works with clients to brainstorm their unique brand stories. We then create a consistent campaign that provides content clarity to speak to the target audiences. Campaigns start with defining the key messages and differentiating the brand. A content calendar will plot opportunities into different communications categories, and each effort will be delivered with the appropriate tone and structure.
Effective content mediums can come in the form of blogs, videos, training modules, custom apps, social media, influencer articles and more. Once the content is published, we measure success by increased conversions or sales funnel speed, and then optimize the messages to continue driving engagement for high-impact results.