Who Cares What Others Think?
Consumers Do.

92 percent of consumers trust peer recommendations over advertising.

Influencers and advocates have become an important part of marketing success. They can get consumers to try a new product or consider switching brands based on their interest and opinions about different offerings.

Lee Hillerich, Consumer Products Team Leader

Creating brand advocates starts from the inside. Make sure employees are promoting the product. Prepare messages that are easy to share, and create a social media strategy that engages the target audience. Celtic’s social media team relies on carefully-created content that utilizes video, vivid visuals and fact-based information to increase engagement.

Make sure the campaign is consistent. Be honest about the brand and show the target audience they are part of something bigger than just the product. And don’t be afraid to ask them to share or comment.

Connecting consumers, especially those with positive things to say about your product, can provide a solid foundation for brand influence.